HANCI’s 2017 Senior Prom “It’s A Luau”

ONE Smile Can Start a Friendship…ONE Person Can Change Your Life!

90 Years Ago a group of concerned and kind-hearted citizens banded together to form the Health Association of Niagara County, Inc. (HANCI). Their goal was simple: to promote the health, wellness and independence of individuals and families in the Niagara area. Ninety years later, HANCI has the privilege of celebrating those early humanitarians who started what became one of Niagara County’s oldest thriving non-profits today.




Along with a big birthday comes a big celebration. HANCI’S prom committee went out of their way to make sure the 2017 HANCI Senior Prom was the best one yet. We think the over 400 guests would agree!!

While the HANCI Senior Prom is fun, that’s not the only reason we do it. We do it because it causes social change and breaks down barriers between generations. For years this one-of-a-kind inter-generational event has brought together high school students and older adults for a day of dinner, dancing, stories and friendship. At the “Prom,” the generation gap seems to disappear.

HANCI chose a traditional Caribbean themed LUAU because it seemed to fit perfectly with what the prom should be: families and friends gathering together over food, song and hula to celebrate a special occasion.

A huge “thank you” goes out to the extremely talented Courtney Corbetta, Channel 7 reporter and Mistress of Ceremonies, Niagara University’s “Soar Throats” acapella members, and our sponsors, volunteers and surprise Honorees – without them the prom would not be possible. (Click Here to see 2017 Prom Program: HANCI Prom_program_final (2)


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courtney pic  HANCI Senior Prom mastentuonos

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