Why choose HANCI? Find out first-hand from our valued clients and their family members.


Homecare Testimonials

“From the time Mary started working as a caregiver for my sister, she has shown the utmost excellence in care for her. Mary is always pleasant, respectful and dependable. She is a great asset to HANCI and I believe she deserve the Caring Counts Award.” – HANCI Homecare Client’s Family Member

“Leona is a wonderful aide and I don’t know what I would do without her. She does everything.  I love her very much.” – HANCI Homecare Client

“Leona is so nice to have in your home. I love Leona. God sent me an angel!”– HANCI Homecare Client

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“My aide is the best! She is punctual, honest, trustworthy and helpful.” – HANCI Homecare Client

“HANCI helps me remain in my home.” – HANCI Homecare Client

“I couldn’t have a better aide!” – HANCI Homecare Client

“Having an aide has helped my Mom in many ways. She looks forward to seeing them every day. Thank you!” – HANCI Homecare Client

“My aide is extremely capable, courteous, and efficient. She bathes me and helps with the housecleaning.”– HANCI Homecare Client

“My aides are very pleasant and happy. I am impressed with the kindness and understanding that they show.” – HANCI Homecare Client

“My aides are so polite and they know their job very well. I only have a little explaining to do because they know what they are doing.” – HANCI Homecare Client

“My father enjoys the aide that comes and she is very good with him. The aides are pleasant and courteous and he receives very good care.” – HANCI Homecare Client’s Family Member

“When I call the office the staff are very helpful.” – HANCI Homecare Client


Senior Prom Testimonials

“It was such a fun day. My senior dates were lovely people. They taught me a lot and were so much fun. I felt like I knew them my entire life. They put a smile on my face the whole day.” – Senior Prom Student Participant

DSC_1331“You hear so much bad in the news, but these young people were just outstanding; every single one of them. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. Thank you HANCI!”– Senior Prom Senior Participant

“I want to thank HANCI for sponsoring the Senior Prom. I had a blast. My date was amazing – we danced the day away. I also enjoyed meeting MaryAlice Demler. Can’t wait till next year.” – Senior Prom Student Participant

“I had a fabulous time with my student date from Canisius High School. What a charming young man. He was kind, respectful and considerate. I was the luckiest girl at the prom.” – Senior Prom Senior Participant

“Thank you HANCI for inviting my school to the Senior Prom. I now have a new Grandpa who taught me how to waltz! He was a fantastic dancer and had some great stories about his life to share.” – Senior Prom Student Participant