At HANCI, we believe people of all ages should be treated with respect and dignity and be valued for their contributions. To help seniors throughout Niagara County remain independent and enjoy active, productive lives, we offer a variety of life-changing programs, including:

  • Council for Older Adults in Niagara County – It’s the leading voice for Niagara County’s seniors. The COA distributes materials and links seniors with other agencies to provide personalized service. The COA also organizes educational sessions, social and recreational activities as well as many other
  • Golden Age Program – Meets cultural, recreational and educational needs of seniors in the Niagara Falls area. Services include trips, speakers, information, and referral programs.
  • Senior Prom – An annual event that unites generations. High school student escort senior citizens to a fun night of dinner and dancing. This event helps the generational gap to disappear, with each group of people understanding and appreciating the other more fully.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these programs, simply click the links above, or contact our office today.