Senior Companion

The Senior Companion Program matches individuals age 55 or older with seniors in need of support services or companionship throughout Niagara County. It has enriched the lives of older adults since 1980. Senior Companions provide friendship to their clients and assist with daily tasks necessary to maintain independence.

Some examples of activities Senior Companions may assist their clients with are: taking them shopping, transportation to the doctor or hair dresser, paying bills, running errands, meal preparation, medication reminders, social activities and a variety of other tasks.

Senior Companion visits frequently allow earlier discharge from rehab facilities and hospitals. Senior Companions also provide respite and a personal break from the role of caregivers to family members who care for an elderly person in their home.

Senior Companions usually visit their clients between 2 and 5 hours each week, always on the same day and during the same hours. There is NO charge to have a Senior Companion.

Senior Companion Benefits

Senior Companions receive a tax-free stipend if income eligibility requirements are met. This stipend is not considered income for any purpose. Senior Companions also receive pre-service and monthly training, transportation assistance and supplemental insurance coverage while they are serving.

Senior Companion Eligibility Requirements

If you are at least 55 years of age, meet certain income eligibility requirements, are in good health and willing to provide assistance volunteering 15-40 hours a week, we want you to become a Senior Companion. What is needed is time, patience and an attitude of caring.

Senior Companion Program Funding

The Senior Companion Program is sponsored locally by HANCI, through a continuation grant from AmeriCorps Seniors (the Corporation for National and Community Service.) Additional funding comes from the Niagara County Office for the Aging, United Way of Greater Niagara, United Way of the Tonawandas, and local contributions.

For more information, call Jennifer Britton at (716) 285-8224, ext. 217 or email

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The photos below are from our Senior Companion recognition luncheon.

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